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Is your office becoming increasingly emptier?

Many businesses in Australia today enjoy the benefits of having off-premise employees. These versatile workers can expand an organisation's footprint, reduce office overheads and provide a diverse variety of resources.

However, it's important that these employees are able to communicate effectively with other members of your business at all times.

With teleconferencing services being a low cost solution to many business ills, it's important to know how a conference call can connect your workers who spend time between offices.

Out of office

Employees who are out of the office on a regular basis are doing so for a reason. It's likely that they are an integral part of your team, though the challenge is allowing them to contribute to your discussions in the same way an office-based employee would.

In a recent study, Samsung found that employees have found their work and home lives are merging together. In its poll of European workers the communications giant found that around three-quarters of respondents find their work time involving personal tasks (75 per cent) and their personal time taken up with work (77 per cent).

The result is a greater number of people working from the road, from home or in different offices are unable to communicate face-to-face with their colleagues, employers and partners. A business leader will be keen to address this.

Off premise in focus

Fortunately, the ability to communicate effectively is available. In an interview with Tech Radar, Samsung UK's Vice President of the Enterprise Business Team, Graham Long, said employees have a greater ability to stay touch even when out of the office.

"Employees now expect to be able to access and complete their work wherever they are. Mobile devices have been the enablers of this trend," he explained.

By adopting a teleconferencing platform, these employees can improve their connection to people in the office - or other out-of-office colleagues - even doing so at the same time. This means essential members of your team can join your meetings from anywhere in the country.

Off-premise employees are the reality of modern business, and it may not be a bad thing - if your business is ready to keep communication top of the agenda, that is.

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Last updated on November 12, 2014 09:51

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