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211215.jpgAt this time of the year, many of us are starting to think about the Christmas and New Year break. As such, pressures around organising holidays and family get-togethers can begin to take a toll on work performance.

How are you supposed to get Christmas shopping done while holding down a full-time job?

This question highlights the importance of a proper work-life balance - splitting your time evenly between responsibilities at home and in the office. In fact, this positive is becoming more common with professionals, according to the results of a recent Robert Half survey.

Good work-life balance more common

Based on the responses of 2,200 chief financial officers and 1,000 professionals, 77 per cent agree that their work-life balance is either very good or good. This is a significantly higher percentage than the 45 per cent recorded in the same survey in 2012.

Robert Half Senior Executive Director Paul McDonald explained why this is now the case.

"Work-life balance can have different meanings for different people - for some, leaving at 5 o'clock every night is the ideal, and for others, scheduling flexibility and remote work options offer the greatest benefit," he said.

"Employers today are introducing more flexibility in how, when and where work is performed, and employees are reaping the rewards. At the same time, businesses can enjoy enhanced retention efforts."

However, with 23 per cent of workers still citing poor work-life balance, it is clear that business leaders can do more to improve this area.

Benefits of work-life balance

One of the best ways to enhance work-life balance is by introducing technology such as web conferencing and teleconferencing. These innovations ensure your team can still connect with important stakeholders and clients without having to travel into the office daily.

The Australian government states if your employees have an improved work-life balance, they will be more productive, less absent from work and have better morale and job satisfaction.

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