Why your email marketing campaign isn't working

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Information is quickly moving in 2014 . Give your client the time of day with a conference call.

So you've spent time and perhaps money in putting together your next email marketing campaign. You've got a catchy opener (much like this one), an enticing headline and a body of text that is well researched and convincing. You've even attached recent sales figures in a selection of handy graphs and charts. You're sure you'll get a response to this one.

So why do few people reply to email marketing campaigns, and how have they turned in to such an exercise of wasted time and energy?

The fact is, people don't have the patience to read a large chunk of text, or the time to explore the minutiae of analytical data - at least not unless they've asked for it.

The last decade has seen the flood gates of information open. Data flows through our lives like fast-flowing rivers and the brain has automatically set up its own dam to filter out the necessary from the superfluous. As junk email boxes swell, it's unfortunate to say that high-quality marketing campaigns have suffered too.

Your next campaign can be a conference call

Pressing the send button is not the same as taking time to contact a client. Words on a screen are open to interpretation and have frankly grown impersonal from the amount we see them. Scheduling a conference call shows that you care for your client, that you are making the time for them and that you have something important to share.

No marketing tool so far has become as effective as the human voice. Teleconferencing services can let you host a conference meeting, passing on personal information and encouraging an open conversation.

Large amounts of attachments can become a thing of the past, too. With web conferencing, members of a meeting can receive stats, spreadsheets, graphs and other visual prompts they may need to clarify the gravity of what you are saying.

Combine both methods for a personal and low-cost solution to your email marketing woes.

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