Why is teleconferencing better than other communication platforms?

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Working with a dedicated teleconference provider gives businesses peace of mind.

Businesses and charities have many options when it comes to selecting a mode of communication.

While much of this choice comes down to price and usability, often the final decision boils down to what you can trust will be most beneficial to your organisation.     

Many organisations are lured into using free or low-cost platforms using internet voice communications, but the problem with these low-cost solutions is that there is little to protect you if anything goes wrong or the service isn't what you wished it was.

If you are looking to solve your communication issues, you may want to invest in a dedicated teleconference provider that can provide you both service and value for money, while also ensuring all your recordings and information are securely protected.

Here are three reasons why teleconferencing is better than other communication platforms.

Low cost

Many other options in the market will be free on the surface, but down-the-line there will be a plethora of additional charges and fees. Options like Skype are free to download onto your computer, but require you to pay for continued use.

Businesses are only charged for what they use when they sign up with a professional teleconference provider. The charges for domestic Australian calls start at only $0.08 cents per caller, per minute, which is remarkably cheap for this type of service.

Help desk

Businesses that decide to go down the free download road have no support for issues that go wrong during a call. For most it will be the case of Googling problems and reading pages of articles searching for answers.

Some teleconference providers offer a 24/7 dedicated help desk. If you encounter any issues before, during or after the teleconference, you can simply get in contact with the support team who can offer tailored technical advice immediately.

Data protection

It is unlikely a free downloaded communication platform will offer sufficient protection for your private recordings. Anyone could be listening and recording your conversation, which is why it is important to work with a professional company that can offer secure storage of your recording.

Using a special code, you are fully in control of who accesses the recorded information and how it is passed on.

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