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Why it pays to pay for teleconferencing

Posted by Eureka Editor

Last updated on May 24, 2017

Are you shopping around for a teleconferencing provider? Perhaps you're new to teleconferencing and considering the various features and capabilities on offer? Or maybe you have experience with a teleconferencing service but wish to find a better rate?

Either way, odds are you are looking for a provider that offers the best possible value for money. You might even have been tempted by a free teleconferencing service that claims to be able to host your phone meetings without any upfront cost or investment. 

If so, you might want to think carefully about whether this is really the best option, as free teleconferencing services are often not all they appear to be. Here are four reasons why it pays to pay for teleconferencing.  

There's often a catch 

They say there's no such thing as a free lunch, and guess what, there's no such thing as a free teleconference either. Most free teleconferencing services incur hidden expenses that your organisation may not have considered, such as the cost of dialling in long distance numbers. 

Poor call quality 

When you're on an important teleconference, the last thing you need is a bad line that is making it difficult to understand a speaker. Free teleconferencing services often cannot offer the same call quality as paid providers, and therefore are not the best option for those committed to achieving high quality communication. 

Lack of assistance and support 

Sometimes you may find you have questions or concerns about your teleconference, and it's in these moments when having a support line available to address your needs can prove invaluable. Few free teleconferencing providers offer this service. 

Limited features

Finally, most free teleconferencing services will not offer the same features as paid providers, such as the ability to record and review calls. Free services will likely have limitations on the number of callers that can be involved in any particular teleconference; whereas paid providers will be able to accommodate in excess of 200 individual participants. 

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