What types of businesses can benefit from conferencing technologies

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Conferencing technology can connect businesses around the world, or just down the road.

Conferencing technology is a far-reaching industry in itself, connecting hundreds of people around the world and allowing them to conduct whatever business needs doing.

While the technology can have its uses for any organisation, there are clear benefits for certain types of business in particular.

Big corporate businesses

The sales industry stands to benefit the most from incorporating the technology. Using the web conferencing tools available, sales teams can present diagrams, photos and slide shows to prospective clients around the world. If a business has an important product launch then web conferencing is a powerful medium to display the positives of the new venture.

The nature of the technology means decisions can be made more quickly and delivery errors are less likely to occur.

With this technology, collaboration is made easier. For example, by sharing documents and videos, businesses can facilitate work to a much higher standard and to the client's specifications.

Medium-sized financial enterprises

A business with fewer workers and connections can still take advantage of the technology. Finance teams can present figures via spreadsheets and allow interaction using web conferencing. It is much easier to explain trends and targets when everyone can see the numbers on the screen.

While an enterprise may have less capital on hand, there are affordable options. Starting at only 0.08 cents per minute, teleconferencing is an excellent way for these businesses to connect to freelancers and workers not present in the office.

The conference call can accommodate between two and 200 people and reduces travel costs, as well as a company's carbon footprint.

Smaller charities

The vast network of conferencing holds many benefits even a small charity. Like medium businesses, finances can be tight, so the low cost option of teleconferencing is a very attractive prospect.

Even employees unfamiliar with the technology have no need to fret. They can rest easy knowing that certain companies offer a 24/7 help desk.

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