What does a teleconference help desk do?

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There is always help available when conducting a conference call.

If problems arise at any stage of the teleconference process, you need assurance help is available. This isn't just for your piece of mind, but also could play a critical role in the success of the conference call.

When you contact a help desk you expect the best, and with Eureka conferencing that is what you get. The dedicated help desk is available 24/7 and can solve all your issues no matter what stage of the conference call journey you are on.

Before the teleconference

The setup and organisation of the conference call is probably the most important stage. You will be provided with a dial-in number which is used to access the teleconference service through your phone. If you lose this important information, the conference call can't proceed.

If this happens, you can simply call the help desk, who will be able to  access your account and provide you with the number. This can also be handy if any of your guests forget their code and you don't have it on hand.

During the teleconference

This is the worst time to have difficulties. If there are line problems or issues with your connection, it could be useful to contact the help desk so that they can lead you through a range of possible solutions.

Although your support team won't be able to repair any damaged telephone lines, they will be able to give you practical tips that can solve the problem.

After the teleconference

Once the teleconference is over, it's a good idea to get in contact with the help desk via the phone or online chat system to talk through any issues you encountered.

After your first attempt at making a conference call, it is enviable that you might have some queries. The expert team on the other end can answer all questions and offer advice on good technique and etiquette.

This will enable you to have the most productive teleconference possible next time around.

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