What are the trends leading to business innovation?

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What makes a business truly innovative?

Innovation is a widely used and well-established buzzword. However, it only remains so because of how much it entails. A business can innovate in a number of ways, making it a blanket term for many key decisions - ones that can be integral for any companies looking to take the next step in improving their business.

For a business to truly innovate, it only needs a good idea. Of course, no program or one-stop method can put a company on the road to leading its competition; instead, a business will need valuable staff members communicating at speed and with flexibility.

This is the purpose of a conference call, with a versatile service able to connect large groups of people in one meeting place. It is also the subject of a new study released this month on how many Australian businesses actually consider themselves innovative.

In its Future of Business Series: The Innovation Report, Bankwest found that almost all (91.8 per cent) mid-sized Aussie businesses say they have embraced innovation as part of their company culture.

Almost half of the respondents (47.4 per cent) consider themselves innovation leaders, while a mere 5.2 per cent said they are innovation avoiders.

A subsequent report by Business Insider unpacked the results further, stating that many modern innovative ideas are focusing on some older, easier concepts.

"Just in case you think it's all about the new, the surprise is that there's a back-to-the-future aspect, with some turning to 'old school' methods of innovation," Business Insider noted, also explaining that a return to voice conversation and face-to-face meetings is helping many companies innovate.

While the latter may be difficult for many time- and cash-strapped businesses, it doesn't mean they should be left behind. Teleconferencing is able to meet all the challenges of communicating over distance, while also benefiting from the personalisation of a telephone conversation.

What's more, these tools are not exclusive to mid-sized businesses; low rate conference calls are a reality with the right service provider, and at Eureka Conferencing, we have the most competitive rates around.

Innovation is about collaboration and using all your human assets in one place. Do you want to take your next step towards innovation? Contact us to find out how.

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Last updated on November 25, 2014 23:51

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