Web conferencing technology extends to education

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Schools are joining businesses to use web conferencing.

Rural China couldn't be further from Washington D.C, but last week the region got a little closer with the help of web conferencing technology.

US first lady Michelle Obama spoke to remote, rural students during a visit to Chengdu No. 7 High School while in China for her six-day tour. She was in the city, but teleconferencing allowed her to reach the school's wider population. 

There are currently more than 5,000 attending students at the school, but amazingly, more than 42,000 attend daily classes remotely.

Most are from poor backgrounds in rural areas, where schools lack the quality resources to get students into China's best universities.

The remote students attend their local high school as normal, then also sit in a classroom and interact with large screens beaming in the live stream from Chengdu.

Students can contribute to lessons and get the same homework as their urban peers.

With China's population increasing at a exponential rate, web conferencing seems the answer to providing education across the country from centralised areas. 

With internet coverage and strength always improving and expanding, web conferencing is predicted to become an important part of education across the world. This form of technology is even becoming popular at education facilities in Australia. 

Many universities across the country are now offering students the chance to attend lectures and classes from the comfort of their homes.

The relative low cost of the technology also lends itself well to the business sector.

In the office, web conferencing is a cost effective way of holding meetings and relaying information across the globe on a variety of devices.

Likewise with the rural students in China, business associates don't have to travel great lengths, so meetings can be organised in tighter time frames.

With the benefit of not travelling to meetings, decisions can be made quicker and productivity between businesses can grow to no end.

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Last updated on December 12, 2016 15:12

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