3 web conferencing benefits to discuss with your boss

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Web conferencing can help firms stay in control of its business.

Business leaders in established enterprises can often find it difficult to incorporate new tools into their firm. Time-poor and unwilling to sacrifice sufficient time to do the research and then endure interruptions for installation, it can be many years before systems and processes change.

If secretaries or other employees believe that there is an easier way for the business to communicate and function, there probably is. To broach this subject with superiors, however, you will need solid evidence that it won't disrupt the environment and can be done efficiently.

One way to improve business communication is through web conferencing. Here are three benefits to form your argument for its use:

1) Cut down on travel expenses

Business leaders should be interested in anything that can save them money in the long term and web conferencing is no exception. The only requirements are a computer and a phone, so all air travel, accommodation and other expenses are completely eliminated. 

In some cases, web conferencing allows businesses to access new and different markets globally, markets that were previously too expensive to travel to.

2) Environmentally friendly

Many bosses seek out green options to stand out from the crowd. Buy some recycling bins, promote public transport use, but if they are still printing reams of paper and using ink cartridges for meetings and conferences, its cancelling out all the good work.

Web conferencing allows hosts to share their screen, when presenting slideshows or documents, to all participants located at their individual computers. Eliminating air and ground travel will also reduce your carbon footprint.

3) Better attendance

When employees or clients miss important meetings or conferences, it is frustrating for business leaders. Time and effort has gone into the planning and hosting which goes to waste with absentees.

One way to reduce absenteeism is to use web conferencing. Home-based workers as well as overseas clients can participate from anywhere which helps increase attendance. You can also record your web conference for instant playback to anyone who has missed the call.

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