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Forbes has identified web conferencing as a green way for businesses to grow.

As the budget begins to stretch and business travel becomes more of an expense than a luxury, many organisations look towards cheaper options for communication and ones that promote a greener image.

As part of a Forbes report on green business tools, web conferencing has been identified as an excellent way for small businesses to develop without the unnecessary costs of travel.

Laurie McCabe, co-founder and partner at research firm SMB Group, told Forbes that there are further benefits for businesses that adopt green options like web conferencing.

Mr McCabe explained that this can create market differentiation for companies. If clients and customers understand and support these measures then it is more likely to result in further business and a firm can stand out from the crowd.

There is a real point of difference in using web conferencing. Meetings can be organised at shorter notice which allows more time to be spent on more important aspects of the business.

It can also aid in collaboration between remote customers by allowing for the easy sharing of presentations and documents, which means projects are closely monitored and up to the client's standard. Customers only need a computer to access the web conference so there isn't a need to download unnecessary software or programs.

In 2009, environment website Ecopreneurist calculated that if every US small business conducted one conference call instead of a domestic business trip, the country would save more than US$25 billion in travel expenses and close to 11 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in one year.

Some time has passed since that claim, but with more businesses in the market and planes in the sky, this certainly remains an issue for all businesses around the would to think about.

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