Web conferencing advantages for Australian charities

charity2The number of registered charities in Australia continues to grow by the month. According to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission, there were 269 new entries in June - up nine from May. This brings the total number of charities to more than 54,000 across the country.

By creating a platform of support for your charity, it is possible to stand out from the crowd and attract more money for your cause. While these organisations are doing great work in the local community and in foreign countries, the competition for public funding and support is intensifying. As such, charities will need to incorporate new and exciting technological opportunities like web conferencing.

Here are two ways that web conferencing can add value to your charity:

1) Presenting issues to potential stakeholders

Setting up a charity is a noble cause, but it will struggle to get the traction it needs without significant input from stakeholders and private investors. With this in mind, charities may want to consider taking advantage of the web conferencing medium.

Invite guests to attend a web conference presentation and use the visual tools to show off statistics, images or even videos that highlight your cause. Whether this is to save a particular animal, cure a deadly disease or help children in third-world countries, a web conference can help drive home your message.


Charities protect some of the world's most endangered animals.

Since participants can join the web conference from around the world, this is a great way to call on support globally and establish your charity as an industry leader. The presentation can also be recorded and placed on your website or YouTube to further boost your credentials.

2) Connecting with the volunteers

While stakeholder support is key for a charity to remain financially afloat, the real value comes from those doing the hard work on the ground.

Following the achievements, successes and journeys of your employees is an important aspect for charities as these are the people representing your cause in the field. A web conference is a great way to do this as they can share pictures, videos and spreadsheet figures in the most remote locations around the world.

This technology is also beneficial for the charity within Australia as they can share plans, goals and instructions with volunteers in a cost-effective and innovative way.

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