4 ways you can run a successful virtual meeting

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Virtual meetings can be extremely effective if planned the correct way.

Businesses are always looking for solutions that provide seamless integration of processes, reduce overheads and boost productivity.

Virtual meetings seem to tick all the right boxes because they bring together distant teams without the time and cost involved in getting geographically dispersed staff at the same location. 

However, an inefficient meeting is counterproductive and can be frustrating for everyone involved.

Here are 4 tips to help you run a successful virtual meeting.

1. Plan ahead

Don't skip the preparation just because you will not physically meet or see the attendees. They may not be able to see you fumbling around, but they will be able to hear your unpreparedness in your tone. 

So, plan ahead. Start by sending out a succinct agenda to your meeting guests so they come to the meeting prepared and know what to expect.

If you're not the one running the meeting and have not received any advice from the conference host, ask them to send through the main items that will be discussed.

2. Prep participants for input if required

Meetings would be more productive if people were supplied with background information. If you are presenting a new concept, prototype or project that require input from yourmeeting group, send advice in advance of the meeting so particpants have the time to consider what they can offer.

3. Discuss the format before the meeting 

Ensure everyone is informed of how to access your teleconference or online meeting ready to connect. Identify the host or presenter(s) and advise when the floor is open for dicussion or questions.

To avoid awkward silences and confusion over who gets to speak and when, clarify all details of the format beforehand. 

4. Record the call

Call recording is an excellent way to ensure that all participants have access to meeting content, discussion points, outcomes and action points. Call recording also ensures that those who could not attend the meeting can access and replay it at a more suitable time.

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