3 ways to improve productivity in the workplace

Workplace productivity is a problem at the top of many employers’ minds. It’s an issue that's not always easy to combat - it could be a result of the environment of the office which is impacting the whole team, or it may only affect individual workers. So what can you do to fight the ongoing war against unproductivity?

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There are many ways to lift the level of productivity in the workplace. This can be difficult to achieve but, once good ideas are introduced, your efficiency and the efficiency of others around you will soar.

Here are three ways to help improve productivity in the workplace.

Encourage breaks

This idea may seem counter-productive, but it’s actually a credible way to improve productivity. While employees may be productive at the start of the day, those who sit at desks all day soon lose focus and the ability to produce work to a high standard.

According to a 2011 study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a break can do wonders for brain activity and allows new ideas to flow later in the day. Something as simple as a quick walk around the block or up and down a few flights of stairs gets the blood pumping and the brain ready for more work. 

So for the benefit of the company, sometimes employees just need to stop working and get active.

Set targets

Setting goals and incentives for everyone in the workplace is an excellent way of reinvigorating productivity levels. If employees have something to aim for, everyone in the company can try to achieve those goals together.

A 2013 study from Denmark's Aarhus University found that when people knew what they were supposed to be doing, they trusted each other more and worked better as a team.

Creating a team challenge or goal is a great way of doing this. With everyone working towards the same end goal, for a reward that benefits the whole team, employees will move mountains to achieve their goals.

Add technology 

Ingraining technology such as web conferencing or teleconferencing can also help employees conduct business more efficiently. This is because it allows multiple clients or employees to work together at the same time, no matter where they are in the world.

Web conferencing allows decisions to be made in a more timely manner, and businesses can benefit from not having to wait for clients to arrive at the office, or for emails to arrive in the inbox.

This means employees have more time to focus on tasks such as meeting preparation, which can make or break business deals.

By using these different techniques you can improve productivity in your workplace. However, it is important that you find the one that suits you and your business best. Learn about your employees and what they enjoy. Find out what makes them tick, to help improve their life and their productivity will increase.


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