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Collaboration between offices is easy with a web conference.

Some businesses in Australia like to take an alternate approach when looking towards innovation. Occasionally, companies have the staff and the resources to make all their ideas come to fruition, though they are short of a spark of creativity to find these in the first place.

These companies can turn to co-creation - or bringing external parties, like suppliers or customers into the creative process. McKinsey & Company report that the initiative can increase the likelihood of innovation by 4 per cent, meaning in the grand scheme, it can be quite a significant process.

For example, Nike allowed customers to design their own footwear, in store or online. A small business too can engage in other ways, and take advantage of a more local customer base.

However, it may be difficult to see whether a co-creation plan is paying off. You will likely need to experiment with the the format to work out how you can use it best; recognising if you need to change tact and direction will be a sure road to success.

Here are three tips for launching a co-creation plan:

Communicate to innovate

Keeping in touch is essential for the success of such a plan. From investors to designers, many people will be involved in getting a co-creation initiative off the ground.

Instead of having hundreds of one-on-one conversations, or typing out unengaging emails, a teleconference call can put everyone on the same page quickly and effectively - and uncover any issues along the way.

Keep the cost down

Any program such as this one will be done on a budget - especially if a business is only experimenting with the idea.

Conference calls are on hand to help Australian businesses maximise return on investment through a combination of their low cost and high levels of engagement.

Share information

The successes or failures of a co-creation method will need to be communicated throughout the group. Sharing sales, revenue and customer response statistics at executive level will make it easy to see how the program is faring.

Web conferencing is a great way to distribute this kind of visual information to large numbers of users in one place, and talk them through the direction your plan is headed.

Are you thinking about bringing others into the creative process?

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