3 ways teleconferencing can help marketing teams

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Marketing teams can meet virtually rather than face-to-face.

As the business world becomes more intertwined and competitive, it is a battle for organisations to stay ahead of the game. It is no longer just a competition between companies in the same country as global businesses are in the same market for customers and commercial space.

This means that marketing teams have to access the latest information and data to conduct business with overseas clients. The best way to do this on a day-to-day basis is through teleconferencing.

Here are three ways that teleconferencing can assist marketing teams:

1) Product launches

Product launches are difficult assignments as the planning and preparation can take months. However, this process can be made more complex by the prospect of overseas clients and customers.

Without flying halfway around the world for a presentation, marketing teams can take the launch to the target audience through a teleconference. Conference calls can host up to 200 individuals at once so it is easy to pitch to a wide investment group. 

2) Marketing budgets

In recent years, marketing budgets in many businesses have skyrocketed. Social media, content marketing and advertising opportunities all cost money, but businesses have to invest to stay ahead of the competition.

These budgets are usually one of the tightest so need to be carefully managed by administrators. 

Marketing teams can teleconference regular catch-ups across departments to ensure the budget is track and make adjustments for new expenditures.

3) Professional development

Although some people are born with the gift of the gab, marketing professionals require a substantial amount of training to be confident leading products or campaigns. 

Businesses can hold training sessions dedicated to making new recruits comfortable with company processes and policies. This ensures all employees are equipped with the same skills and will be able to conduct product launches and client communications.

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