3 ways self-employed people can thrive with conference services

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Whatever your industry, self-employed people can make use of tailored services to better their resources.

According to recent Gallup findings, 10 per cent of the Australia and New Zealand's population is self-employed. The reasons behind such a significant number can be varied: a lack of trust in the national economy, high unemployment or an increase in entrepreneurialism to name just three possibilities.

Whatever the cause, self-employment throws out a range of challenges, financial and logistical, that newly enterprising individuals need to conquer.

Here are three ways web conferencing and teleconferencing services can benefit those branching out into the fields of their own enterprise, as well as those already deep rooted in it.

Pooling resources

The self-employment rate of the entire Australian and New Zealand workforce stands at 14 per cent - a noteworthy amount, though one that leaves them in a vast minority.

Larger corporations can afford to buy vast swathes of information; self-employed people can look at pooling their resources to better economic effect.

Of the Australia and New Zealand demographic, 94 per cent of self-employed people say they currently own a business. Increasing communication and collaboration between business owners can increase a small enterprise's effectiveness in the market.

Sharing information via web conferencing is simple and can allow small businesses the resources - graphs, figures, statistics and other visual media - that could otherwise be lost to them. 

Top down approach

It's important for business owners to communicate effectively. The good news for small businesses, with a naturally smaller workforce, is that it is generally easier to have a deeper connection with staff.

Keep it that way with regular meetings and conferences. If your staff is spread over a greater distance, as can be frequent in the digital age, or if business calls members away from the office, teleconferencing can offer a convenient way to catch up - on landline or mobile devices.

Conference packages are low-cost

When you own a business, seeing those numbers pile up in your expenditure spreadsheet can be a new level of painful. 

Eureka Conferencing offers unbeatable rates on conferencing services. Our free trial will even let you try out the benefits awaiting your business.

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Last updated on January 15, 2016 13:41

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