3 ways conferencing can boost your crowdsourcing capabilities

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Improving communication in your crowdsourcing endeavour is one key to success.

Like many new starters, not-for-profits and small businesses, you may have decided to crowdsource for your next big idea.

The scale and type of this collaboration can come in many shapes and sizes depending on the business at hand. Many innovative projects have bloomed from the fertile ground of crowdsourcing - from architecture services to Ridley Scott films.

According to Deloitte Australia Tech Trends 2014 report, crowdsourcing "can and should" be utilised by businesses to allow a wide range of skills and resources to be sourced "from anyone, anywhere, and only as needed."

Partner at Deloitte Digital Steven Hallam explained how the whole thing works in a nutshell.

"It is very simple, really," he said in a September media release. "Companies can use the collective knowledge of the masses to help with a range of tasks, from data entry to advanced analytics and product development."

In many ways, the concept of crowdsourcing is tailor-made to adapt with conferencing services. Here are three ways conferencing will help.

Keep in touch

New and small businesses trying to collaborate on a new project can find their resources scarce and distances vast - particularly in Australia.

Regularly meeting to share ideas is the essence of crowdsourcing, even in the early stages.

A teleconference call can bring hundreds of people together, or can provide smaller groups a place to catch-up on how things are developing.

Stay under budget

Low cost conference calls are not as rare as you may think.

Both teleconferencing and web conferencing are designed to proving value for money, positive ROI and a service that you'll want to use again and again.

Check out our unbeatable pricing structure to get a feel for how our packages work.

Pool resources

"Our clients are telling us that the value of crowdsourcing is not just about making cost savings, but also about providing quick access to specialised and often scarce resources, the ability to work around fluctuating workloads and working across geographic markets which are quickly changing," continued Steven Hallam.

Web conferencing services in Australia offer a private place for files and data to be sent and shared between individuals.

Virtual meeting rooms can be arranged at impromptu times when inspiration strikes, or in regular meetings to round-up ideas, keeping people motivated and informed.

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Last updated on September 19, 2014 00:16

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