3 trends in large-scale conferences for 2015

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Event organisers are expecting a lot more from conference venues.

The International Association of Conference Centres (IACC) released its top meeting trends for 2015 this month. 

These were developed as a result of extensive research at a global IACC event that was attended by 355 delegates. A key focus of the outcomes was how communication technology is affecting large-scale events.

IACC CEO Mark Cooper said organisations need to find the optimal sweet spot for communication. 

"The balance between technology and in-person relationships is an interesting one, with a need to attain a balance of the two in order to plan and deliver successful meeting outcomes," he explained.

Here are three key trends that the experts believe will affect the way we conduct meetings:

1. Understand Gen Y:

There will be a lot more millennials attending virtual meetings. They are a tech-savvy bunch who understand communication technology much better than their older counterparts and have high expectations when it comes to connectivity.

As web conference attendees, they will be more comfortable engaging on a virtual level compared to others who may initially find it awkward.

2. The changing conference venue

Web and audio conferencing have made it easier for remote workers to become part of large-scale events. Conference venues are accommodating for these virtual attendees, with multiple microphones and better quality internet connections. 

3. Expecting more from venue partners

Meeting organisers and event coordinators are getting busier - this means they will have high expectations of the conference venue. Not only do they want the premises to be equipped with the latest technology, but also staff who will provide excellent support before, during and after the event.  

While it is true that advanced technology has made it easier for remote staff members to become part of large-scale events, it is also important to ensure that organisers prevent last-minute glitches from hampering the virtual experience.

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Last updated on June 16, 2015 10:03

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