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All the most common conferencing terms explained

We know conferencing can be confusing. There are a lot of technical terms and if you've never conferenced before it can be overwhelming. We're here to clear up any confusion by explaining the most..


How every retailer can improve sales opportunities this Christmas

The forecast for this year’s silly season is strong for the Australian retail sector. According to Emily Bencic from Appliance Retailer, Christmas spending for 2016 is expected to increase based..


You get what you pay for with web conferencing

With so many options out there for web conference calls, business leaders may be tempted to save money by choosing a free service over a paid one.

This decision seems perfectly sensible at first;..


Public speaking tips for your next conference call

Public speaking, including speaking in front of others in the workplace, can be a highly stressful experience for many. According to the National Institute of Mental Health in the US, 74 per cent..


How to avoid disturbances in a conference call

The business world is fast-moving, and while this is positive for improving cashflow and other financial metrics, it doesn't always produce the easiest environment for conducting teleconferences.


Could teleconferencing help family businesses?

According to Family Business Australia, family-owned enterprises comprise 70 per cent of all companies around the country. We are a nation of self-starters, with many well-known businesses growing..


3 ways to avoid unwanted teleconference participants

For a business to be recognised as an industry leader, security must be a top priority. However, this doesn't just relate to locking your doors at night and ensuring no cash is left on the..


Communication key in project decision making process

Projects come in all shapes and sizes. However, if there is one common element key to the success of each and every project, it would be decision-making.


Australia overshadowed in innovation and technology stakes

While many Australian businesses might agree that innovation and technology are the cornerstones of business growth in the 21st century, according to a recent Microsoft Australia study, very few..