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How to enhance communication in the retail sector

Posted by Berit Richardson

29-Jul-2016 09:05:12

It’s Monday morning. You are a busy state manager preparing the weekly communication email you distribute to each of your stores about targets, revenue and performance. The region isn’t tracking strongly enough to meet this month’s targets and you’re worried the store managers aren’t reading your emails.

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Topics: Conferencing Services, Teleconferencing, DIY Audio Conferencing

3 essential strategies for implementing successful web conferences

Posted by Eureka Editor

13-Jul-2016 09:01:55

By now, many in the business world are well aware of the multitude of benefits that web conferencing presents. Unfortunately, there are also a number of obstacles that can block organisations from seeing the full value of this and other digital communication methods.

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Topics: Web Conferencing, Conferencing Services, DIY Audio Conferencing

3 ways to make the most of your next web conference

Posted by Eureka Editor

30-Jun-2016 09:00:00

Long before humorously-captioned photos of awkward students, iconic movie scenes and cats in business attire, the word meme had a very different meaning. It referred to an idea that spread rapidly among large groups of people. Memes have a peculiar way of shaping the way we perceive something, even when our own experience runs counter to it.

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Topics: Web Conferencing, Conferencing Services, DIY Audio Conferencing

Will your family business take the digital leap?

Posted by Eureka Editor

17-May-2016 12:00:00

Over the coming years, many Australian family businesses are in for a sharp change at the top. As the baby-boomer generation begins to retire or take a backseat within an organisation, it will be the millennials and Generation Y leaders stepping up the plate with new ideas and philosophies.

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Topics: Web Conferencing, DIY Audio Conferencing, Conferencing Services

How can teleconferencing keep your millennial employees happy?

Posted by Eureka Editor

01-Mar-2016 09:00:00

As many of us know, millennials represent a growing force within the work world and are no longer a population demographic that can be ignored. According to McCrindle, there are 4.2 million millennials in Australia, which in 2006 made them 20.5 per cent of the population. Growing up in a digital world, millennials, who are those born between 1980 and 2000, are dependant on technology and looking for a more interactive workplace, says a recent report from Robert Walters. So how could offering conference calls be an attractive feature for this group of young workers?

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Topics: Teleconferencing, DIY Audio Conferencing, Conferencing Services

How to avoid disturbances in a conference call

Posted by Eureka Editor

29-Jan-2016 10:30:00

The business world is fast-moving, and while this is positive for improving cashflow and other financial metrics, it doesn't always produce the easiest environment for conducting teleconferences.

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Topics: Teleconferencing, Teleconferencing Tips, DIY Audio Conferencing

One less thing to worry about. Why auto recording your conference call could be your saving grace.

Posted by Eureka Editor

11-Jan-2016 14:48:16

Recording a conference call is an excellent way to ensure conference participants have access to meeting content and comments made during a conference call, especially if they can't make it to the meeting.

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Topics: Web Conferencing, Teleconferencing, DIY Audio Conferencing, Conferencing Services

2 cost-effective solutions for Australian businesses

Posted by Eureka Editor

13-Oct-2015 10:05:36

It is fair to say that many Australian enterprises have had a tough few months. In September, Roy Morgan reported that business confidence was at a four year low and that fewer organisations believe that now is a good time to expand.

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Topics: Teleconferencing, DIY Audio Conferencing

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