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Collaboration and communication key in Australian health industry

There is no doubt that the Australian health industry is under more pressure than ever to deliver high-quality and efficient results to the community. With the national population recently topping..    

Will your family business take the digital leap?

Over the coming years, many Australian family businesses are in for a sharp change at the top. As the baby-boomer generation begins to retire or take a backseat within an organisation, it will be..


Why should governments use web conferencing services?

With the various benefits it entails, web conferencing is popular among businesses for many reasons. The commercial sector, however, is not the only area that can benefit from an internet-based..


The endless possibilities of web conferencing in schools

No one method will ensure that Australian students are successful in school. There are so many factors that contribute to achievement, as well as a litany of reasons that cause students to lose..


How can teleconferencing keep your millennial employees happy?

As many of us know, millennials represent a growing force within the work world and are no longer a population demographic that can be ignored. According to McCrindle, there are 4.2 million..


Why you should offer teleworking to your employees

Teleworking, also known as telecommuting, essentially means that employees do their work outside of the office, whether this is at home or at a co-working office.

A 2013 McCrindle study showed..


Is technology on your agenda in 2016?

Technology is such an engrained part of our daily lives that it can be easy to take it for granted. However, at the same time, technology is always progressing, meaning business leaders must keep..


Handling global diversity in web conferencing

According to a recent report by Asialink Business, Australian companies attempting to enter the Asian market are facing many challenges, especially surrounding understanding Asian business culture..


One less thing to worry about. Why auto recording your conference call could be your saving grace.

Recording a conference call is an excellent way to ensure conference participants have access to meeting content and comments made during a conference call, especially if they can't make it to..