Top 3 types of technology to bring your business into the 21st century

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Technology can help businesses better connect to customers.

Every day, technology impacts another facet of our lives, which means we must constantly adapt.

Your business is no different. Some technology is helpful, some less so. This makes it difficult to work out which technological advances your company should adopt.

The success of new technology in the corporate world depends on whether it can make a difference in profit levels and how easily it can be integrated. So, which areas of the technological sphere should your company get to grips with to succeed?

Social media

Social media isn't just for teenagers posting selfies anymore, yet only 52 per cent of large business use it, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Businesses that incorporate social media marking strategies into their plans can see results almost immediately through tracked website hits.

Sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow businesses to target new customer groups and both platforms are completely free. Social media also has the ability to reach millions around the world so is a clever technology to integrate into the business plan.

Online sales

Businesses that don't offer sales online are missing out on a large part of the customer market.

The ABS estimates over 10 million Australians make purchases online each year - 76 per cent of all internet users. With the availability of internet services also increasing, this trend is unlikely to stop anytime soon.

With much of those sales to overseas websites, Australian businesses are urged to employ sales online or risk losing more business offshore.

Virtual meetings

With businesses today globally connected, it is logical to start holding virtual meetings and conferences.

Through both web conferencing and teleconferencing, businesses can interact with clients across multiple platforms - and multiple continents.

It can also be much cheaper than associates travelling to the office, and allows meetings to be set at short notice.

By injecting the right types of technology, businesses can broaden both their employment options and geographical scope of their business.

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Last updated on September 28, 2015 10:30

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