3 tips for helping you focus on an after-hours teleconference

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Staying focused is key on an after hours conference call.

One of the major benefits of teleconferencing is that it can happen at any time. However, this means it could occur after hours or on the weekend when you aren't as focused as during the working week.

If you are the host of a teleconference, it is best to check with all your participants as to what time is appropriate, but sometimes there is no avoiding an after hours start time. To make sure you are ready to launch your product or close the business deal, here are three tips for an efficient after hours teleconference.

1) Set an agenda

Regardless of whether the teleconference is planned during or after work hours, having a set agenda is critical. An agenda will ensure that you cover off all the necessary points and can assist participants to stay on track.

Remember to email your agenda to all participants beforehand and be open to changes and suggestions.

2) Remove the distractions

Eliminating potential distractions during an after hours teleconference is especially important if you are operating from home. Turn off the television, radio and anything else that could affect the sound quality.

If possible, lock yourself away from partners and children to give yourself the best possible chance to conduct a successful conference call. If reading emails is also a temptation during a teleconference, close the tab so your focus is totally on the content of the conference call.

3) Follow up later

If you have recorded the teleconference, make sure you listen back to ensure you haven't missed any important details. For whatever reason, you may have misheard or misinterpreted a comment so listen back in some free time.

Teleconference participants will also expect a summary of minutes for their own records about what occurred during the conference call; use the recording to ensure nothing important is missed.

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