Tips for employees training staff to use web conferencing or teleconferencing

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As a business grows, more employees need to know how to conduct online meetings.

As a business develops and explores new markets, less experienced employees will need to start conducting meetings and talking to clients. This is why it is important to train staff to properly use web conference and teleconference technology before they step into your role and deal with client communications.

Whether they are Generation Y - new into the workforce and competent at every piece of software - or an established employee who is completely new to the technology, there are some crucial tips you may want to pass on to them so they can do the best job possible.

It could be good to train a number a employees to use the technology, because as the business grows, it is likely they will be using it more and more often.

Building confidence

Although this might be a trait that comes naturally to some, the prospect of hosting an important conference or meeting can be challenging to any employee. To build confidence, business leaders should allow training workers to attend some web conferencing so they can see first hand what is required.

Also, if they have in-depth knowledge of the content, they will be more confident when put on the spot by clients and customers. They could assist with spreadsheet figures or help set the agenda for a meeting. If they can display confidence, then clients will reciprocate it in the business.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Set up mock teleconferences or web conferencing so that employees can get a feel for the technology and know how to use it properly before a conference. It would be useful to go through some trouble-shooting, so if problems arise they know what to do.

By practising, employees will also pick up on teleconference etiquette and learn how to speak to clients and customers via the online setting. This will also give you peace of mind that they can do the job in your absence.

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