Tips for a successful web conference sales pitch

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A simple sales pitch can be effective via a web conference call.

Businesses in the tough sales industry know the pressures they are under. Months of product development and testing have lead to good outcomes, but now comes the time to present it to potential clients.

The easy part of connecting them via a web conference service has been completed, but now it is time to start the launch. One of the benefits of not being live in front of prospective clients is you can have extra notes handy, but there are some important tips to remember to hold a successful web conference sales pitch.

Know your audience

An important part of pitching your product is to know exactly who you are trying to sell your product to. All the customer really wants to know is what benefits they can get out of the product and what the offer is.

It is all about setting the bait, if you can initially spark some interest then you are well on your way to a positive sales pitch.

Easy to read graphics/figures

A major benefit to using web conferencing for sales pitches is the ability to illustrate key diagrams, pictures and spreadsheets to everyone on the call. However, these have to be as simple as possible.

There is no point creating a diagram that is visually aesthetic, but fails to convey the real message. It is also easier to discuss if the spreadsheet data is compact and without unnecessary notes and figures.

Shorter the better

The client is often time poor which is why you offered a web conference instead so it is crucial to stick to a small agenda filled with punchy points. A business can always set up a follow up pitch and, with no travel costs involved, this could be an attractive prospect for a client.

A feedback opportunity at the end can also address any details missed by the sales team.

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