Tips for a effective web conference powerpoint presentation

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Read through web conference presentations to avoid mistakes.

Powerpoint presentations are an excellent way of using the web conference tool. Easy to create and simple to understand, businesses which can illustrate powerful presentations are more likely to interest potential buyers or convey their messages.

There are many tricks that can enhance your presentations, however, the more often your business uses powerpoints in web conferencing, the more effective the results will be.

Here are three top tips for a powerful web conference powerpoint.

1) Design details

While it is tempting to make the presentation as aesthetically pleasing as possible, in most settings it is unnecessary. Many programs will offer snappy transitions, fades and text options, which are best to avoid.

Concentrate on basic slide designs incorporating easy-to-read fonts such as Arial or Calibri for the main text and bold fonts for subject headings. If you decide to use a slide background, make sure to keep it consistent throughout the presentation.

2) Summarise facts

Powerpoint slides are small enough without trying to fit large paragraphs of information onto them. As well as including one main idea per slide, keep information to punchy small points.

You want potential clients and customers to be listening to your presentation rather than scrambling to read all the information before you move on.

For important details for product launches, perhaps list all the specifications without turning it into a sentence. Then you can talk around the information showing insight and analysis.

3) Double check links and errors

To maintain the respect and loyalty of your audience, it is imperative to double check your presentation for linking problems and punctuation or spelling errors.

It can appear sloppy if your hard efforts go to waste because the links don't work or there are obvious errors in the presentation.

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