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According to TomTom, Australian traffic jams are becoming worse.

If you're a commuter and feel as if the morning and evening rush hours are getting worse - you would be right.

New data from GPS company TomTom's 4th annual Traffic Index has revealed Sydney as the most congested city in the country, with drivers wasting more than 90 hours a year waiting in traffic.

Sydney, which was also the 17th most congested globally, wasn't alone in sharing the national shame, with all major cities except Canberra becoming more congested since the last survey.

The Index pulls data from vehicles fitted with the company's global positioning system to give each city a congestion rating based on the amount of extra time a journey takes compared to when the roads are completely empty.

On average, Sydney drivers spend an extra 34 per cent on the road then they should, and this increases in morning peak hour to 66 per cent. Melbourne drivers face a 27 per cent average congestion rating which lifts to 52 per cent on the way to work.

With the number of vehicles on the road only going to increase in coming years, an answer for businesses struggling with late employees and missed deadlines could be teleconferencing.

By having teleconferencing as a communication tool, employers can encourage employees to work from home and avoid the traffic.

Teleconferencing also lends itself as an option to business colleagues who are based out of town. Not only can your company avoid travel costs and help the environment, meetings can be organised at shorter notice. This eliminates the concerns around traffic jams and missing deadlines.

If employees have been caught in traffic and could miss an important meeting, teleconferencing allows workers to join the meetings via their iPhone or Android phone. As long as you have pulled off the road, employees can make sure they never miss any project details despite being caught in the haze of the morning traffic.

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Last updated on May 24, 2017 16:05

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