3 steps to declutter your desk

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Are you caught under a pile of paperwork? Conference call services can help.

Working in an office can lead to epidemics of untidiness. Urgent deadlines meet hurriedly written notes to cause a backlog of paper - some useful, some essential and some just getting in the way.

A tidy desk means a tidy mind, so decluttering is essential every once in a while. But any true cure is preventing such untidiness in the first place; not only can reducing dependence on paper be good for the environment, it can save you time, resources and therefore increase productivity in the long term.

So how do you go about going paperless and decluttering your office. One of the first places you can begin is by improving the way you conduct meetings with either web or teleconferencing solutions.

Here is a three step solution for using conferencing to reduce your dependence on paper:

1. Make a plan

Analyse how you run your meetings at the moment. Do different offices need to take part? Is finding a time that works for everyone proving difficult? How often do you intend to conference in an average week?

With a plan you can decide on what type of conference call package you need. If you like to convey visual data in your meetings, a web conference allows you to host meetings in a digital space.

If you require vocal communication, teleconferencing is your perfect, flexible solution.

2. Do you need archives?

If members of your meetings are unable to make the event, it can be a good idea to record your conference call. This means participants can log in and listen to what was said in your meeting in their own time.

Our digital archives store your meeting for up to 28 days, and allow you to download the files in .WAV format.

3. Start decluttering

Once you have your conference call package set up, it's time to start clearing off your desk. Business consultant Jennifer Martin told Fast Company that speaking through paperwork with colleagues via a teleconference is an ideal way of getting started.

"During team conference calls, encourage participants to work on clutter as you meet. They can still participate while they're sorting and filing," she explained.

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Last updated on November 5, 2014 09:51

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