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Make your office truly green with conference call services.

In the modern world of commerce, it's not unusual for organisations to run a green business. Using renewable energy and limiting a business's carbon footprint can unlock access to attractive initiatives. There are also ethical considerations, with green offices having a reduced impact on the environment - a factor of growing importance to consumers and policy makers alike.

Recycling schemes, solar power initiatives, water capture programs and vast reductions to power usage are some common ways an office can reduce its environmental impact during everyday processes. There is no reason why communication shouldn't get the same treatment.

Reduce travel

Conference call services can significantly reduce the need for employees and business owners to travel and help a green business achieve its low-carbon goals.

Those conscious of their environmental impact will know that all their hard work can be for nothing if they are driving and jetting-off to business meetings regularly. Not only does this waste time, but exhaust gases are some of the biggest contributors to global warming.

A turn-of-the-century report by Friends of the Earth, found that air travel produces 0.17 kilograms of CO2 for each kilometre a passenger travels. This means that each individual travelling from Brisbane to Perth, a distance of 3,614 kilometres, accounts for more than 630 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions across a return journey - significantly more weight than an average horse.

Instead of packing a suitcase, booking a hotel and heading across the nation to host that business meeting, why not pick up the phone?

Web conferencing services give invited parties access to files, images and other visual data to support collaboration and information exchange. Meetings can be hosted from any desktop or laptop computer, with participants enjoying quick and easy access to the event.

Not only does rethinking your communication strategy save time, improve collaboration and reduce costs, but it can achieve impressive environmental savings.

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Last updated on October 21, 2014 22:51

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