3 signs your business needs more collaboration

Every organisation has one ultimate goal: to progress and grow in size. However, if it were that easy, every business would be doing it.

There is no magic formula when it comes to business growth, though there are things you can do to identify bad practices and signs that your company is regressing instead of heading in the right direction.


Ultimately, good business involves getting the most out of your employees, sharing information and discovering the means to improve - in short, it requires collaboration.

If communication is lacking, your company may be heading in the wrong direction. Identifying this early will make it easier to correct in the long term.

So how do you spot the signals that your business needs better collaboration? Here are three obvious signs.

You waste too much time communicating

Some days it might be difficult to work out where the time has gone. The truth is, all those quick conversations, emails and telephone calls add up, and on difficult days you may find too much of your time has been spent doing such things.

If this is a problem for you, try keeping a timesheet that you update every half an hour. Simply leave it open on your computer and enter a quick word to describe what you have done in that 30 minute period. If you find communication takes over quite a bit of this, you may have a problem that needs fixing.

Fortunately, the solution is quite simple; spend less time in one-on-one conversations and have group discussions more often where you can come to a decision quickly and efficiently. This way you don't need to waste time constantly emailing or phoning your colleagues.

A teleconferencing service can help you have efficient meetings with people located all over the world.

People in meetings don't look engaged

It can be difficult to hold people's attention in a meeting. They may be thinking about the work that awaits them outside of the conference room, or they can simply be unable to visualise spoken ideas. In fact, the attention span of most people isn’t that long, so it's understandable that people may not fully engage.

Less engagement in a meeting can result in lower productivity and potentially render your meeting pointless. To keep your attendees engaged, it's important to keep your meetings collaborative. Making a meeting more collaborative means your attendees need to get involved, which will hold their attention and make your meeting much more productive.

web conferencing service allows you to add a visual element to your meetings, which means engagement and information retention levels become much higher.

There is a lack of communication between employees

Communication is a key part of human existence and plays an important role in employee happiness and company culture. A lack of communication in the workplace can have a negative impact on productivity.

To increase communication between employees, try to create a more collaborative environment. Create teams and give them goals to achieve. This means employees will need to start working together rather than on their own. Increasing collaborative work will increase employee happiness and productivity.

If you feel that your workplace is showing any of these three signs, maybe it’s time for a change in practices or even culture.

There are many collaboration tools available to assist you in addressing these issues.


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