Potential for web conferencing to help poor communicators

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Conducting conferences can be stressful for some executives.

A new survey has highlighted the common problems business executives have when communicating with clients and customers.

Public speaking business MagneticSpeaking polled 1,000 members of its public speaking group to find what their biggest communication barriers were.

It was not surprising to see that professionals listed "not knowing how to structure a great presentation" as their biggest problem.

Lack of practice and outdated methodologies may be the most significant barriers to productive communication. It could be some time since company executives and small business owners have performed a presentation, and this could come off badly in front of key clients or customers.

A founder of MagneticSpeaking, Peter Khoury, explained that business presentations have changed and now involve much more than simply standing and delivering information.

"Modern day presentations require a more agile, more flexible, and a more robust system," he said.

Better presentations through web conferencing

One solution for business executives who have poor communication skills is to introduce web conferencing technology in the business.

The online platform means face-to-face meetings are avoided and problems like blanking out and not being able to think on the spot can be eliminated.

Business leaders have the opportunity to present a range of visual aids like diagrams, illustrations, photos or documents that take some of the presenting pressure off the host. If you are struggling, then having regular visual cues can allow you to re-group your notes and land that crucial sales blow.

As MagenticSpeaking explains, executives who communicate well will most likely get first choice on opportunities, choices and resources.

This means that businesses using web conferencing can get an edge on the competition. You can be the first ones to organise a meeting for remote clients and customers and stake your claim for business. This will translate into improvements in your brand image as an industry leader.

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Last updated on May 24, 2017 09:15

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