Poor communication and its effect on employee productivity

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Businesses can lose money easily. Poor employee productivity is one of the easiest ways this can happen.

It's no surprise that waiting for unresponsive systems can be one of the most instantly annoying moments in modern life.

It seems that the more we rely on complex communications, the more susceptible we are to the failures of badly implemented services.

In personal terms, it's an inconvenience; however, when time begins to be wasted in work life, the effect this can have on employee productivity can cost a business millions.

The latest Ernst & Young (EY) productivity report found some important facts about employee unproductivity, what causes it, and how improving communication resources can help plug the hole that could be draining energy and resources out of your business.

The most recent Australian Productivity Pulse report from EY found that 16 per cent of an employee's time was wasted on unproductive work. One of the most costly ways employees wasted their time was due to poor infrastructure, with 13 per cent of wastage coming from unresponsive IT systems.

The largest factor for unproductivity was also not from any fault of employees, but from a slowness of communication from higher up the company hierarchy. A relatively large 16 per cent of time wastage was due to delays on decisions from higher authorities and by waiting for input from other parties.

Improving productivity with more efficient communication

With IT failures and business communication causing almost one-third of all workplace unproductivity, business owners will be keen to develop their resources in order to save money and improve employee engagement.

By simplifying complex communication methods with a reliable conferencing service, businesses can solve two problems at once.

Not only is teleconferencing an ideal way to hold meetings and share decisions with vast numbers of people, it also uses existing phone line services, meaning a business's time-tested infrastructure can be put to best use.

Web conferencing services are also great ways to pass on visual data and can be used to share information with employees. With the right information delivered quickly and reliably, employees can continue their work, leading to better engagement and job satisfaction, according to EY.

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Last updated on September 25, 2014 22:51

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