Planning your time around a conference call

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You may find you have more time with a conference call. Make sure you use it effectively.

Hosting a conference call has some great benefits - from cutting costs to increasing collaboration. One of the most obvious is also the time that can be saved by linking people over the phone or in a digital space.

Teleconferencing can also be a great way to have important conversations, and these in particular you will want to get right. While you will find you have more time around your conference call than you would in a face-to-face meeting, it's important to use this to your advantage.

Here are three ways you can plan your time around a conference call, to make it as organised and beneficial as possible.

1. Have a script ready

This can be as short as some key points you want to make and any questions you wish to bring up during your discussion. Having people together in one place is a great way to catch up and discuss important goings on. Make sure you're not forgetting anything.

It can also be a good idea when hosting a conference call to briefly run through what will be discussed at the start of the conversation. This will give people an opportunity to raise any of their own points when the time is right.

2. Send your invites

Make sure participants have the number to ring and the code to join the conversation in good time. No one wants to be sat waiting for your invite, although similarly, people don't want to be digging through old emails to find the information sent ages ago.

Send the telephone number and conference call code around an hour beforehand; this should also remind every member of your meeting that the event is happening.

3. Summarise

A good practice for a host is to keep a record of the key points that are made during the meeting and share them with the group afterwards.

This doesn't always mean keeping minutes and notes; why not record your conference call so people can listen to exactly what was said in real time after the event?

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