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Learn how conference calling can help improve your business outcomes.

How to create the best presentations

Presentations - some of us excel at them, others dread holding them. Here's an overview of what you need to up the ante for your next presentation, as well as how to make good slides.


How your leadership style can add productivity to conference calls

Former US political advisor George Stephanopoulos said in his book "All Too Human" that he didn't like talking to Bill Clinton, because before long he would begin to agree with the man.


3 essential strategies for implementing successful web conferences

By now, many in the business world are well aware of the multitude of benefits that web conferencing presents. Unfortunately, there are also a number of obstacles that can block organisations from..


3 ways to make the most of your next web conference

Long before humorously-captioned photos of awkward students, iconic movie scenes and cats in business attire, the word meme had a very different meaning. It referred to an idea that spread rapidly..


What is the difference between VoIP and digital phone lines?

When it comes to a successful conference call, many things need to be considered. A well-planned agenda, a prepared host and participants, and effective teamwork all need to be in place. On top of..


The importance of soft skills in the business environment

For all the benefits of hard, technical skills in the workplace, without personal interaction, business progress will always be limited. Soft skills are defined as "personal attributes that enable..


What is the right communication platform for your business needs?

To move forward on any significant project, businesses depend on team members being able to communicate and collaborate on key tasks. This reliance on teamwork certainly improves business..


Collaboration and communication key in Australian health industry

There is no doubt that the Australian health industry is under more pressure than ever to deliver high-quality and efficient results to the community. With the national population recently topping..    

Will your family business take the digital leap?

Over the coming years, many Australian family businesses are in for a sharp change at the top. As the baby-boomer generation begins to retire or take a backseat within an organisation, it will be..