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Increase productivity with these collaboration tools

Posted by Melinda Vaelioja

26-Jun-2017 09:30:00

Collaboration is defined as working with someone to create something. It is an important part of working life in most businesses, as teams must work efficiently to achieve their goals.

There are many tools that can be used to increase collaboration within your business. Here are three tools you can use to make sure your business is collaborating effectively.

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Topics: Web Conferencing, Teleconferencing

How to solve your conferencing challenges

Posted by Sidney Ferguson

19-Jun-2017 09:30:00

In our blog 'Teleconferencing etiquette bugbears revealed', we discussed the results of a Robert Half survey regarding conference call etiquette according to 1000 workers.

The worst part about the results is that all the frustrations that were identified are so easy to solve if you have an account with a quality teleconferencing provider.

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11 steps for running an effective business meeting from beginning to end

Posted by Melinda Vaelioja

14-Jun-2017 09:30:00

Everyone knows meetings can be a drag. We've all been stuck in a meeting, eyes slowly drooping and mind empty, with no end in sight. It's not exactly when we're at our most productive. However, it's not meetings themselves that are the problem, it's the way they're run.

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All the most common conferencing terms explained

Posted by Sidney Ferguson

05-Jun-2017 09:30:00

We know conferencing can be confusing. There are a lot of technical terms and if you've never conferenced before it can be overwhelming. We're here to clear up any confusion by explaining the most common terms you might have read or heard.

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Topics: Teleconferencing, Web Conferencing, Teleconferencing Tips

Debunking 3 web conference myths

Posted by Eureka Editor

02-Jun-2017 09:37:41

New technologies aren’t always adopted right away. In fact, it can take many years for new technologies to be fully ingrained in society due to adoption barriers. Adoption barriers are concerns people have about a new technology or product that prevent them from using it. Often these barriers are untrue or simply just a misunderstanding.

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Topics: Teleconferencing, Web Conferencing

3 ways franchises can communicate online to enhance culture and share information

Posted by Berit Richardson

28-Sep-2016 16:29:21

According to the Franchising Council of Australia, ‘franchising is a business relationship in which the franchisor assigns to independent people the right to market and distribute the franchisor's goods or service, and to use the business name for a fixed period of time.’

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Topics: Web Conferencing

How every retailer can improve sales opportunities this Christmas

Posted by Berit Richardson

31-Aug-2016 13:23:51

The forecast for this year’s silly season is strong for the Australian retail sector. According to Emily Bencic from Appliance Retailer, Christmas spending for 2016 is expected to increase based on last year’s growth of 4.2%.

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Topics: Teleconferencing Tips

How to enhance communication in the retail sector

Posted by Berit Richardson

29-Jul-2016 09:05:12

It’s Monday morning. You are a busy state manager preparing the weekly communication email you distribute to each of your stores about targets, revenue and performance. The region isn’t tracking strongly enough to meet this month’s targets and you’re worried the store managers aren’t reading your emails.

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Topics: Conferencing Services, Teleconferencing, DIY Audio Conferencing

How to create the best presentations

Posted by Eureka Editor

20-Jul-2016 10:30:00

Presentations - some of us excel at them, others dread holding them. Here's an overview of what you need to up the ante for your next presentation, as well as how to make good slides.

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Topics: Web Conferencing, Conferencing Services

How your leadership style can add productivity to conference calls

Posted by Eureka Editor

18-Jul-2016 13:30:00

Former US political advisor George Stephanopoulos said in his book "All Too Human" that he didn't like talking to Bill Clinton, because before long he would begin to agree with the man.

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