Modernise and improve your business presentation with web conferencing

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Sharing information shouldn't be a daunting experience or no one benefits. Taking your presentation online has some great advantages.

Many of us have been there: the meeting room is booked - it wasn't available 9am-5pm so people have had to come in early. The old Powerpoint presentation starts, looking a bit more impressive on the desk monitor than it does on the big screen. Someone coughs and there's the sound of an uncomfortable readjustment of someone's seat - the bright projector bulb makes it difficult to see people, let alone engage with them. For all the effort, it's not going as well as it could have.

Bad presentations can often simply be a case of not keeping up with the times and using all the resources at hand. Microsoft Powerpoint, for example, can be an effective tool when used well, but it's been out for more than a quarter of a century, so on its own is that really ever going to wow your audience?

Here are three ways your business presentation can be modernised and improved using web conferencing.

Pick a good time

Unlike face-to-face presentations, a digital meeting room is never fully booked and there's no software to download in preparation. Simply remind people to be at their computer for the conference call and host the presentation. You don't have to iron your favourite shirt for the occasion, you don't technically even have to wear clothes... you know, if that helps.

Minimised distractions

Plan where you conduct your meeting - from a laptop in a quiet place, perhaps - and you can eliminate all distractions. That means no bright bulbs shining in your face, no background office noise, no scratching of chairs as people sit uncomfortably. Others can participate from the comfort of their own desk, or even from home.

Have someone sit in

Employees at business development company Cisco are reportedly ranked from 1 to 5 after each presentation, based on their skill and success of that meeting. Inviting a colleague into a web conference as a non-participant will allow for feedback on strengths and weaknesses, improving your presentation skills as a whole.

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