3 mistakes to avoid when web conferencing

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Avoiding common web conferencing mistakes will ensure the success of your meeting.

For businesses and organisations that are new to web conferencing and online meetings, the whole concept can be daunting. If you have always conducted meetings in person, then it is easy to make mistakes when web conferencing which can make your organisation look incompetent. 

However, the benefits of web conferencing far outweigh the negatives, so by avoiding some common mistakes, your organisation can make the most of this exciting business tool.

Not beginning on time

Starting on time should be a given in any meeting, but is particularly important when conducting a web conference. For a meeting to be as effective as possible, the start time should be adhered to and strictly met.

With the possibility of participants joining from across the world, the meeting needs to start on time to avoid people dropping out or losing interest. You also don't want people joining at the wrong time and missing out on important information.

Not setting a clear agenda

Conducting an online meeting is not an excuse for the meeting to be disorganised or casual. A web conference needs to keep to a set agenda to avoid participants getting distracted in their own environments.

It would be a good idea to send out an agenda before the web conference and then lay it out again at the beginning. As limited time was part of the drivers behind the web conference in the first place, it is also important to reign the meeting in if it goes off topic.

Not being prepared

As well as having the agenda, the team need to know what you want to achieve out of the web conference. For example, this could be getting a budget approved for a new project or setting dates and specifications for a product.

Knowing what you want to achieve beforehand will mean the team is more focussed and will also have the tools to change the approach if needed.

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Last updated on May 24, 2017 12:18

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