Managing communication during a crisis

stormWhile no business likes to think about it, there may come a time when things don't go quite to plan, leaving you with a potential crisis on your hands.

This sort of challenge could prove to be a useful learning tool, but a crisis can also present a significant headache for those unprepared to cope with it. 

Communication is a priority

Clear and effective communication should be one of the vital components of crisis management. Without a strong voice to relay the next course of action throughout the company, operations can soon disintegrate, causing further internal problems. 

By bringing together key stakeholders over a teleconference call, businesses can be assured that influential staff members and partners have a clear understanding of both the crisis and its implications. This ensures that for those who are not based in the office, a meeting can be arranged at short notice to provide information and instructions.

Deciding how to respond

Once everyone has been briefed on the developing situation, and you've decided on a response strategy, businesses can start to address the crisis in an appropriate manner. In the digital age, damage to a company's reputation can unfold swiftly, making it imperative that a business has a unified response which shows them in the best possible light.

When the crisis attracts media attention, web conferencing or teleconferencing can bring a team together to decide on any media responses, if any should be made at all. It also gives a business the chance to seek any legal advice or public relations assistance over a call so that employees know to follow the guidelines of best practice during a crisis.

By recording your conference calls during a crisis period, businesses can look back on how the situation was managed to evaluate what was done well, and what could improve in operations moving forward. 

Dealing with a crisis situation can certainly be a gruelling task, but it's not uncommon that businesses come back from them stronger than before, equipped with the knowledge to handle similar issues in the future.

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Last updated on March 26, 2015 09:00

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