Let's talk it over: Communication for a healthy work environment

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Communication is key to a healthy work environment.

One of the most important things in keeping your business on top is a healthy working environment. When your employees feel that they are in a comfortable, stable workplace they can spend less time preoccupied with managing office dynamics and more time being productive and enjoying their day. 

Without a healthy work environment, businesses stand to see employee engagement drop, possibly affecting productivity – it's difficult to get your job done when you're distracted by how much you aren't enjoying the experience. 

In addition, fostering a good work environment can help employee retention, by creating a space where team members are happy to come to work and contribute their ideas and their efforts.

Anything less can discourage employees from staying on with your company, potentially leading to increased turnover and an unnecessary recruitment headache. 

Opening up channels of communication 

By encouraging an open door policy at your workplace, you can be sure that potential issues won't be swept under the carpet and subsequently turn into more widespread problems. This applies for anything from occupational health and safety to interpersonal issues. 

In a recent study by business insights magazine, Inc., 90 per cent of those surveyed ranked honesty, trust and fairness as the most valued attributes in all workplace relations. Employees, especially ones new to the team, need to feel that they can raise points of concern with their employer or co-workers without it being frowned upon. 

If your team is spread out over different locations or if you have more than one office, teleconferencing makes it easy for you to review any issues raised by employees, and if need be, decide on a plan of action.

It's important to get the message across to new employees that there is support available to them during their first months, when they are still forming their initial impressions of your company's culture. 

When your employees feel that your business is there to support them, they are more likely to feel reassured in their future interactions within the company.

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Last updated on February 27, 2015 08:02

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