Lack of innovation has crippled progress for many Australian businesses

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Innovation keeps a company on the front-foot. Web conferencing services allow information sharing and collaboration to keep your business bustling.

One in five Australian businesses say a lack of funds and difficulties in collaborating with others are holding back their ability to innovate, according to a recent study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Sue-Ellen Luke, a spokesperson for ABS, said a large proportion of organisations look to either customers or staff for innovation.

She said: "For the purpose of innovation, almost 60 per cent of innovation-active businesses are sourcing ideas or information from within their businesses, and 40 per cent get ideas from clients.

"Just under 10 per cent of innovation-active businesses had a collaborative arrangement with universities or other higher education institutions."

Collaboration can sometimes be difficult, but resources do exist to connect professionals nationwide and encourage them to share information and ideas. For example, businesses can engage over long distances by using web conferencing services in Australia.

By presenting their data and findings in a web conference, professionals can discuss information in the same way they would in a meeting room.


The ABS report also found that innovation issues created cost efficiencies in more than a quarter of businesses working in some of Australia's key industries. Manufacturing, forestry, fishing and agriculture have all been affected, according to the research.

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Last updated on September 19, 2014 00:11

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