Innovative ways that charities can utilise conferencing technology

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Charities with workers on the ground will benefit from teleconferencing.

As most charities operate on a tight budget, it is crucial that volunteers and leaders develop and incorporate different ways of using technology to streamline their operations. The more innovative, the better, as the more people who are interested in your charity, the more money can be invested where it matters.

While conferencing technology is low cost, it will still give you large scope and reach and enable you to take your organisation to another level.

Here are three excellent ways charities can use teleconferencing or web conferencing technology to maximise funds.


Holding a web conference with remote investors is a good way of forming a connection and illustrating what the charity does or what it stands for. By using spreadsheets, a charity can display where funding goes and what areas their money would contribute to.

It is also handy to show photos of volunteers in the field, performing the work of the charity.. The interactive nature of web conferencing allows investors to get a good handle on your goals and objectives as well.

Issue-based conference

To raise awareness of your cause, another great way to use web conferencing technology is by holding an insightful summit. You can invite industry-leaders and special guests to illustrate the need for assistance.

Your charity could also record the conference and place it on YouTube or on your website, so your organisation can receive additional media coverage.

Keep in touch with ground workers

The ground workers are the lifeblood of your charity, so using teleconferencing technology to reduce travel costs enables the organisation to remain in close contact with your best assets. If you have workers in remote locations or disaster zones, Eureka conferencing can connect you despite limited phone connections.

If the conference call doesn't connect, your charity isn't forced to pay as the reservationless teleconference can take place at any time.

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