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0910151The 21st century marketplace is truly global and if Australian businesses fail to pick up on this trend, there could be dire consequences. This is a concept that should come as no surprise, with the myriad of foreign enterprises launching operations Down Under.

As such, your Australian-based business is competing with both local firms and overseas entities. While there is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, it seems that Australia is already behind the eight ball, if the results of a recent report are to be believed.

Based on the Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA) report, adopting new technologies are the key to a successful future, but other countries could leave this nation behind.

"Australia's response to new technologies needs to be agile, adaptive and optimistic - new technologies can offer Australia great benefits; it is up to the nation to seize the opportunity," ACOLA Council member Professor Andrew Holmes said.

Australia's Chief Scientist, Professor Ian Chubb, agreed with Mr Holmes and noted the importance of respecting the role that digital disruption has on the country.

"We need to be agile as a nation and we need to decide whether we want to equip ourselves with the skills and knowledge to forge our future, or allow others to impose a future on us," he said.

Australia was recently ranked 17th on the Global Innovation Index 2015 published by Cornell University, INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organization. This only adds fuel to the argument that Australian businesses need to be more receptive to changes in technology and innovation.

Becoming a global player

To be a business that is respected on the global stage, the first step is communication. Australia is disconnected geographically from the rest of the world so enterprises have to consider the merits of web conferencing or teleconferencing.

With the ability to complete business across the world using these innovations, Australian organisations have the power to become a leader in their chosen field.

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