How web conferencing could help disability groups

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The Enable Technology Learning Program is in full flow, connecting assistive technology development with the people who know best.

A project designed to bring together a think-tank of disability groups, technology firms, and university students aims to encourage the advancement of the technology available to those with disabilities by seeking help from those who know best.

Students from ‚ÄčAustralian National University, Canberra Institute of Technology and the University of Canberra have been working together closely to improve the research and development of assistive technology and to help confront the challenges posed to disabled people.

It's called the Enable Technology Learning Program, and it is great news for those looking at progressive ways to positively influence society. However, the usual difficulties in organising a meeting-of-minds will persist for those with reduced mobility; organising a get-together to discuss the key points in person could be difficult. This is therefore a great example of how web conferencing services in Australia can help the less mobile professional.

  • First, a web conference call is inclusive. Eureka Conferencing can handle 200 callers in a single conference if it is required.
  • Secondly, visual content on the technology design process will come to life via web conferencing, whereas words alone won't paint the full picture. Statistics, graphics or design plans can be shared with a large number of collaborators quickly.
  • Thirdly, a low rate conference call is palatable for students and researchers alike. At Eureka Conferencing we have unbeatable prices that we think will pleasantly surprise.
  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly, high-quality web conferencing can link people from all over the country, including those who find extended travel an inconvenience.

As well as improving the lifestyles of people with disabilities, part of the Enable Technology Learning Program is to improve the future job prospects of those with mobility challenges.

Huy Nguyen, Founder and CEO of Enable Development, said: "we want the project to influence the current and future generation of designers and practitioners to think more inclusively in how they approach the workplace and the world."

Teleconferencing and web conferencing services help ease communication between both small and large groups, across a range of industries and interests. This is an excellent project of long-lasting importance so let's hope to see more of this kind of collaboration in the future.

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Last updated on December 12, 2016 15:12

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