How to take good notes while in a web conference

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Taking good notes is critical during a web conference.

In some cases, it is better to take notes while attending a web conference than it is to record and transcribe later. Although having a recording is ideal and recommended, the ability to jot down key points and figures is crucial if  your required turn around is quick.

While it is impossible to write down everything someone says at a web conference, there are some handy hints that will ensure you get what you need and won't tune out in the process.

Be prepared

Much like if you were hosting the conference yourself, you need to have the resources on hand to take notes. A couple of pens and some paper could be sufficient, but a laptop would be much quicker for some.

It is also important to research and understand what notes you want to take down. This avoids writing everything the speaker says in hope that part of it relates to you. You could also prepare some questions that lead the speaker to give you the answers you need.

Understand what the notes are for

In order to create the best notes, you also need to relate them back to what you will use the notes for. If they are project details or specifications, it will be important to remember to listen out for keywords or phrases.

If the notes will be for a blog post or your own presentation, you should take note of key ideas or topics that will be useful for your conference.

Type up or transcribe immediately

As soon as the web conference has concluded, it is a good idea  to type your notes up or transcribe the recording while your memory is fresh. This will ensure you understand the topics discussed as well as being able to talk through anyone who wasn't present.

It should also be possible to remember other details of the web conference that you didn't take note of at the time, but could be important when writing your report or preparing your own web conference.

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