How to make outsourcing easier with teleconferencing

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Teleconferencing ensures every part of your business stays communicated.

Let's think about a business as a body. You have decision-makers as the rather obvious brain, employees as the skeletal and supportive structure, finance and investment streams providing the muscle for movement, legal departments as the immune system, and customers as the integral blood-flow.

However, in the modern business era, the increase of outsourcing business functions changes the shape of this body. The metaphor becomes a little science-fiction with many parts of the body operating from different locations with hopefully no detriment to the whole. Creepy right?

What's important in this instance is that the nervous system - how the body communicates - is up-to-scratch and continues its job of linking all the essential body parts together and allowing the free-flow of information. This, in short, is what a conference call service does.

Regardless of the size of the business, decision-makers will need to speak to managers, investors, lawyers, and staff, and that is when a quality teleconference service can really make a difference.

According to a research collaboration between The University of Melbourne's School of Information and the Australian Computer Society, only 20 per cent of outsourcing arrangements are high performing, and 15 per cent are considered failed. That leaves 65 per cent of all forays into outsourcing as neither here nor there - drifting limbs losing their life essence when they could be thriving.

It's easy to imagine how this happens: two-way telephone calls can be timely if you are making the same ones repeatedly, and relying on email communication means a lot of time for sitting and waiting for a reply as well as the chance for miscommunication.

Getting all the limbs of your business communicating as a whole saves time and improves engagement. A teleconference call with Eureka Conferencing lets you share your ideas with as many as 200 people in one virtual place - enough for any medium-sized enterprise. You can even use web conferencing to pass on visual information quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

Let us know how your business body works and we'll let you know how we can keep it connected.

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Last updated on September 28, 2015 10:30

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