How to hold a performance review via teleconference

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Performance reviews are vital in any industry or sector.

For a business to continue moving towards the same goal, all employees must be on board. If someone is struggling in their daily tasks, this needs to be identified and fixed before a wider problem develops.

This is when performance reviews are necessary. A chance for employers and employees to meet and discuss progress, challenges and outline ways they can continue to grow in the future.

However, with many businesses spanning cities or even countries, the best way to conduct these meetings is through a teleconference. Using this medium, how can employers ensure these meetings are as productive as possible? Here are three tips.

1) Set a clear agenda

It is easy for a performance review to get off topic, wasting time for both employer and employee. In fact, according to consulting firm Achievers, 98 per cent of employees find the whole process unnecessary. This means that there needs to be a set agenda so employees know what to expect.

"98 per cent of employees find the whole process unnecessary."

An employee's job should be broken into different categories so the employer can add both positives and negatives of their performance in every area. Not only does this give the worker a clear focus of their efforts, it's easier to identify areas for improvement.

Of course, it is also important to allocate time for the employee to ask questions. As Halogen Software cited, many workers save career path questions for these meetings, so allow them to drive part of this conversation.

2) Keep the conversation positive

While a performance review is the time to discuss issues and problems, this needs to be balanced to get the right reaction from the employee. According to a blog article from CIO Magazine, recruitment author Ford Myers said 90 per cent of the conversation from workers should be positive, while the other 10 per cent saved for developmental topics.

For an employer, this means it is vital to recognise these positive remarks, but make it clear that improvement can be gained in other areas.

Given that you can't see an employee's facial expressions or body language during a performance review held through a teleconference, this reaffirms the message that employers need to be clear, direct and (largely) positive.

Performance reviews can be a nervous time for employees.Performance reviews can be a nervous time for employees.

3) Take detailed notes

Performance reviews provide much reflection for employers and employees and through recording the teleconference, both parties can understand what they need to do moving forward.

For an employee, this can include working on personal development or concentrating harder on a particular aspect of their role.

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