How to give a great sales pitch by web conferencing

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Customers are growing frustrated with telesales. A web conference holds the solution.

While web conferencing is a great way to link colleagues in different offices, it is also useful in many other situations.

Take sales, for example. If your sales staff are struggling to engage with potential clients, it is not always their fault. Cold calling and unfortunate scams have put a bad reputation on telesales, and many people are just dead against it from the start.

It's important, then, to speak to people on a new level and move on from some of these archaic and less-trusted forms of sales.

However, don't go unplugging your phone lines just yet - there are still uses for them. In fact, one of the most effective ways to revolutionise sales while still using your current office equipment is through web conferencing.

Here are three tips for giving a great sales pitch over the online platform:

Show and tell

People are more responsive to visual data. If you want to get the full effect from your statistics, it's better to display them in an easy to read and creative form.

Charts, graphs, images and infographics will help you to explain what your figures really mean, increasing the level at which your caller can engage with them.

By sharing your screen, you can present the potential client with easy to read data and discuss it with them too.

Ask questions

A one-way conversation is never good; it will make the person you are pitching to feel out of the picture and restrict their ability to get on board with your ideas.

Your future customer may have certain pain points that you are unlikely to know. They may even be itching to tell you about them so you can come up with a solution.

Be sure to ask questions and give them time to speak. Fortunately, this can be done with the reliability of a teleconference call as part of your web presentation.

Follow up

If you feel your client is unlikely to make a decision there and then, be sure to follow up. This isn't uncommon - according to an article from Forbes, 80 per cent of all deals are made in the follow-up stage.

By learning more about your potential new client in the first call, you can tailor your data in the second to meet their greatest challenges.

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Last updated on May 24, 2017 12:48

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