How is digital leadership changing Aussie businesses?

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What trends will allow Aussie businesses to rise in 2015?

As the digital world takes on more responsibility from the physical one, businesses need to make decisions on what trends they will adopt and how they will stay ahead of the curve - and the competition - going into the next year.

To this end, Gartner has released the findings of its 2015 CIO survey, which asked chief operating officers all over the world what changes they expect to see over the coming 12 months and beyond.

Published at the firm's Symposium/ITxpo on the Gold Coast this month, Gartner found that CIOs were becoming increasingly responsible for leading the way in IT trends. In Australia, this was even more true, with 22 per cent of CIOs given the responsibility for leading digital innovation, with only 15 per cent given this responsibility on a global level.

Gartner also unpacked what IT trends will be most important over the next 12 months. For business leaders considering utilising simple conference call services in their leadership strategy will find some healthy support from these survey results.

Cloud platforms

For companies struggling to maintain their own communication infrastructure, cloud platforms are proving to be valuable for time- and cost-cautious businesses.

Web conferencing is no different, with a third-party service able to offer reliable and cost-effective services, while giving users the flexibility to communicate from virtually anywhere in the world.

Networking and data communications

As business moves ever quicker, workers and executives can find there simply aren't enough hours in the day to complete all their tasks.

Fortunately, communicating is easier than ever, with numerous emails or individual conversations able to be refined down to one simple conference call.


According to Gartner, practically all (93 per cent) CIOs agree that there is a greater security risk found as the world becomes more digital, and 66 per cent believe not enough is being done to confront this.

With either web or teleconference calls, private and sensitive data can be relayed in the most secure ways possible - either through a robust third-party online platform or by one of the most secure ways possible: word of mouth.

As digital leadership changes, it will be up to decision makers to find the best, most efficient solutions. Make sure your business is not left behind with cost-effective conferencing.

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Last updated on November 25, 2014 23:51

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