How conferencing can drive your startup

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Your startup can become a lucrative business with the right communication services.

Starting a new business can be like trying to paint the ceiling of the Sistine chapel.

The scale and detail involved in Michelangelo's work meant he didn't do it quickly. In truth, a business owner might feel overwhelmed by the task at hand.

Business startup involves coming to terms with new processes quickly - from accounting to logistics and managing any employees. The trick is to simplify processes and make broad brushstrokes where you can.

Communication can be time-consuming, inefficient and costly if the more basic forms are used. Conference call services show how far communication has come, and can be used today to ensure a business startup gets off on the right foot.

Impress your investors

As many as 40 per cent of Australian business projects are now coming from the startup fraternity, according to Nina Hendry, who quotes Elance-oDesk Country Manager Kyri Theos in an Elance-oDesk sponsored post.

With high numbers of startups competing for investor funding, the importance of making a good impression should be a priority.

In his article for Forbes, Andrew Vest said fundraising is essential for a new startup. 

When fundraising is done right, Mr Vest said, "it can lead to lucrative partnerships with angel investors and venture capitalists."

By giving a strong pitch, investor relations can be significantly improved, whether you are looking for "seed money" or distributors for your more established brand.

Not all pitches have to be in a boardroom, particularly in such a sizable country as Australia. Investors will be glad of hearing your pitch in a time-conscious way.

This is where web conferencing can benefit your startup. Images, stats, sales figures and graphs showing growth forecasts can all be shared and discussed through an established web conferencing platform.

What's more, there is no software to download, so investors will not be put off by your digital approach.

Tell us what you require from your conferencing platform, and learn how we can help your startup today.

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Last updated on September 30, 2014 22:51

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